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... and busy. Trying to make good use of my last day off before returning to work. Don't have a whole lot of computer time and have a heck of a lot to catch up on.

Trips were good. Came back sunburned from the first and bug-bitten from the second (can't fully bend my right index finger due to a mosquito bite near the joint that has it swollen), and the hiking was grueling as always, but the scenery and the company were inspiring. Got some great pictures and have some writing to transcribe. Got reset somehow into a day schedule -- will have a heck of a time readjusting to my swing-shift job in the next 18 hours.

Went and saw "I, Robot" this afternoon with Rene and Kai. A much better movie than "Chronicles of Riddick." (In other news, water is still wet and a hammer dropped on your foot still hurts.) I'm not certain what it is about the movie that seems to inspire such grumpiness in the apparent minority of folks who have seen it and dislike it -- Will Smith fits pretty well into an unusually serious role; the action flows naturally enough from the plot; and the insulting of the audience's intelligence is kept well to a minimum. It's not a candidate for top 10 best ever, but it's a reasonably solid film for a summer blockbuster.

Also, I <3 my halyn and kadyg, who got along together wonderfully on the trip. Happy birthday to halyn, whose special day tomorrow will be marked by ... um ... my returning to work. ]B=8P
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