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Links du jour

No further vehicular problems, thank goodness. So instead, here, have the weirdest results of my last week of web browsing.
  • The results of a Google search for i can spell patchouli and my life sucks. Yes, I actually performed this search. No, I don't have a good explanation for why. (Yes, I can spell patchouli. No, my life doesn't suck, car trouble notwithstanding.)

  • What the heck is this? And why "Mugworld"? The site shows only a picture of two alien-looking things staring up into the sky, labeled in the alt tag as "Zack and Maxx". I can't find any other information about this and Illume Entertainment (mentioned in the copyright notice) seems to be a ... flamenco dance group? O_o

  • Last but not least, your tax dollars at work slack. I notice that good ol' Mr. Dobbs is considerate enough to remove his pipe while serving as pitchman for the nation's fire crews. And yes, it's on an actual government website (the US Forest Service).

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