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Shopping list

Mostly here as a reminder for myself, although also useful as a snapshot of what's intrigued me lately. I haven't read nor watched nor listened to any of these, but I'm interested enough to want to.
  • Don't Think of an Elephant. A cognitive linguistics primer for progressives. How not to lose the metadebate -- so that the political debate is on favorable or level ground.
  • Annie Dillard's "Teaching a Stone to Talk". A book of essays. Cited and quoted in a blog entry at Slacktivist, given highly positive reader reviews at Amazon, and heck, I really really liked Loren Eiseley's "Star Thrower" so maybe it's time to devour another book of essays in a seemingly similar style.
  • Invisibles vol. 5: Counting to None. Graphic novel. I've read through the first four now. To be honest (PERSONAL OPINION AHEAD TOTALLY NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF FLUOROCULTURE KTHX), my opinion of the books isn't as high as I thought it would be given some of the recommendations I've heard. I'm feeling like the series is hitting its stride very slowly if at all -- it's been a little too, I don't know, triumphalist or something -- but the characters are finally becoming deep enough that this one might be better. (Then again, I might be the sort of person who needs to read "Invisibles" in an altered state to totally get it. I'm kind of blocking on the surface stuff.)
  • Moving away from Amazon now: Outfoxed. Documentary on the secret life of Fox News. (Here's a hint: They're not fair and balanced. Gasp!)
  • Some Thanks to Gravity albums/mp3s. A longtime intellectual-pop favorite of mine (have somehow scrounged up three of their albums from gods know where) -- and they're actually still around and on the web! I quoted some of their lyrics in my last post, btw.
  • "State of Synthpop 2003." I have only heard of one band on this 5-disc collection (leeched an mp3 of Aiboforcen's "Twilight World" off a friend), but I like what little I've heard. Given the cheap price tag, if I can find even just 5 good songs on the 5 packed CDs and support an indie label along the way, everyone comes out ahead.
UPDATE: ... Got any other suggestions for me? Anything that's just set your mind on fire lately or that you're really aching to explore yourself? Add ideas in comments. (And, frameacloud, what's that book again that you always instantly recommend any time I ask for something new to buy? ;))
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