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Spam from the 18th Century

The subject line of a piece of spam I received in my inbox earlier today:

hi! .. (and your souls? O that I may be instrumental in joining your )

I normally ignore these, because anything with a subject line that strange and fragmentary is almost certainly computer-generated, i.e. a piece of spam not worth reading. But the word "souls" caught my eye, and I Googled a portion of the phrase.

It's from a speech called "Christ: the Best Husband," by George Whitefield, a mid-1700s preacher. Fuller context: "What do you say? Shall the match be made up this evening between Christ and your souls? O that I may be instrumental in joining your hands, or rather your hearts together." (Two lines later, he cites the proverb "marry in haste, repent at leisure," which dates it back at least 250 years.)

Which brings me tangentially to an odd request. Can I ask a favor from my Christian readers -- and other people of any faith in the audience, but Christians especially? Give this post a skim and see if you can post any words of spiritual support or advice for the author here. I'm jumping in way late on this one, but something still ought to be said. Do note that she's a person close to my heart and this will be a snark-free zone. (Try to keep religion and politics separate, as well.)
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