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Things not to put in your obituary - Baxil [bakh-HEEL'], n. My Sites [Tomorrowlands] [The TTU Wiki] [Photos]
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October 5th, 2004
11:57 pm
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Things not to put in your obituary
This may not be the worst euphemism for death ever, but it's certainly one of the worst I've seen in the paid funeral notices (over which we have no editorial control) in my two years at the Journal:
Leslie Parrish Dyer translated from this long life due to lung complications September 16, 2004 ...
And the rest of the sentence sure doesn't help its gravitas:
... in Cumbaya, Ecuador.
It sounds like someone tried to borrow a punchline to an "Old linguists never die ..." joke. Except most old X never die jokes are funnier.

In other news, this video is a well-made and useful reminder as we near the election of what our Republican leaders think we should be thinking about. (Via Oliver Willis, via Atrios.)

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Date:October 6th, 2004 04:30 am (UTC)
Thanks for the link.

It would be funnyer if it WEREN'T TRUE.
Date:November 16th, 2004 01:09 am (UTC)

Hello, Bazil!

Hello! You may or may not know me, but I'm Nargus StreamWarrior from AFD. It's glad to know you're still be around! :D

Well, I've just went to your dragon website (one with title "It's Bazil...") a few days ago and try emailing you. When the email bounced back I thought you've gone... :P Well, in fact, I found an interesting piece(s) writing in your website that I really wanna repost it in my website. Could I do so? It'll have your name there too of clause! :D

Thanky and Clear sky and wind smooth to you!

Oh btw, I think I forgot the url of writing I said:

Date:November 16th, 2004 01:14 am (UTC)

Re: Hello, Bazil!

Oh wait, I forgot. I don't have a LiveJournal account. So could you email me? ....or post in AFD newsgroup perhaps (Hehehe) anyway, my e-mail is at:

nargus _at_ dragonsempire _dot_ com

hope to hear from you! :D
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