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Bet results!

Well, lonita logged something like 16 unique individuals offering her acts of sexual gratification, and I only managed 11. *staples hand to forehead* Woe! Angst!

There was some confusion, however, on whether this meant that I actually won the bet, or she did. So, perhaps because it was more fun that way, we both agreed to write a dirty limerick. Here's mine. Well, below the LJ-cut tag, anyway; I don't want to influence all of my impressionable young readers. (Actually, it's just to build up suspense, and give people something to click; but you didn't hear that from me.)

In other news, I would like to announce a contest that I am sponsoring for readers of my ramblings -- decipher some maniac's paragraph of incoherent rambling for fun and a nifty prize! Check it out!

I've also recently posted a new feature on my site that will, I'm sure, be useful to someone, somewhere, someday: How to hax0r a Mac port of "Rogue". The complete, illustrated how-to.

With that, I'll get right down to the whole dirty limerick thingy ...:

I once had a neighbor, Miss Bucking,
Whose cherry was ripe for the plucking.
But she found she preferred
Being pawed by folks furred,
So she sat in her room and went MUCKing.

Aren't you proud I made it through that without making the rhyme you knew I was going to use? ];=8)

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