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"Romanticism ought to one day strike a person as chilly. I think the movie 'Sleepless in Seattle' did the trick for some people, but I'll approach the task a little more abstractly. Let's take the classic romantic story of the knight slaying the dragon to get the princess. Remove the dragon and you do not have a romantic story, you have -- I don't know -- a society notice.

"Romanticism is a trick; it seems to hinge on sexual devotion, but really hinges on the presence of an obstacle to the union that needs to be destroyed. When there's no obstacle, things turn unromantic and we don't know why."

-- Scott Miller

(Also reminding people that I'm posting again at Tomorrowlands. If you're a lazy LJer, you can simply add tlands_dot_org to your friends list for the RSS feed notification of new posts.)
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