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Requests for volunteers.

1. Like last year, I'm heading up the Further Confusion newsletter "team" -- where "team" is currently defined as the set of people containing the elements "me". (Someone remind me after the con is over to stop volunteering for jobs that require scrounging up a staff. :-p)
1a: Is there anyone out there who would enjoy the chance to play reporter and provide convention event coverage? And/or page layout support? And/or photo support? You would earn Massive Baxil Karma. All of this year's busloads plus the leftovers from 2004's con. (Slightly more details here.)

1b: For that matter, I still haven't even made hotel arrangements for the con yet. @_@; An awesome manager is me! Is anyone looking for a con roommate, who would be willing to put up with me and my computer and people occasionally trickling in and out as four different issues of the at-con newsletter get thrown together from scratch?

If you know a lot of people going to FurCon, forwarding the volunteer request would earn a <3 or two as well.

(One month to go. I can do this ... I can do this ...)

2. Are there any PERL hackers out there on my friends list who would like the chance to fiddle around with a wiki and program in support for categories? I'll be rolling out the project to which I link in the Near Future, but I want to add "categories" functionality first so that I can more easily organize the content. (Backlinks [a] don't behave the way I want, and [b] nuke the processor as the wiki scales.) Suffice to say that my free programming time at the moment is nearly nil.

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