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I would like to make an open response to -- I just have a few things I need to say on the record.

To anyone who might be running around with a grudge against Jazaaboo on my behalf
QUIT IT. Seriously.

It hurt, I did my healing, I got over it. If I wanted revenge now, I'd be doing something about it myself. If I wanted revenge in the first place, I would have encouraged it. I needed some private space to vent, not a declaration of war. What part of "DO NOT HATE THE HAMSTERS" did not come through clearly?

If you have your own grudges against her for your own legitimate reasons -- God knows why; I don't keep track of her life -- maybe you should read the thread above and take that as food for thought. Grudges resurrect drama. If you want to be stuck fighting the same pointless Internet battle all your life, go right ahead, but really, don't you have better things to do?

Also, if you have made (or want to make) physical threats or are trying to get someone fired, STOP. You have CROSSED THE LINE. I condemn all such acts, and while you might not care about that, care about this: They are dangerous. They are the Abu Ghraib of Internet argument. You kick a few enemies' heads, and suddenly you might find a few of your guys coming home without them, since you've just signalled your willingness to fight dirtier and nobody's going to let that slide. The Geneva Convention is not just there for the bad guys' benefit.

To Tal-Pass Portaxx/Jazaaboo/LLK
Let me just be totally clear on this: Most of what's in your thread was news to me.

I didn't nurse any grudges and I didn't expect anyone else to. Yes, it did hurt. But I chewed over it for a day or two and then, in an attempt at emotional judo, pointed out the thread and asked friends to make something positive out of their outrage. Over $100 was donated to Mercy Corps in your name.

I tried to send you word, and an invitation to talk privately, via a Livejournal comment. You showed no signs of receiving it. I checked your journal a few times after that, POE once, and lost interest, assuming everyone else had too.

After everything that's gone on, I think it might be helpful for the two of us to have a quiet, civil, private talk. Are you willing to contact me via e-mail? Your contact information seems to be nowhere on the Internet, which is why you've never heard anything from me about this.

So what would happen if I asked nicely not to let this continue to spiral out of control into high drama? ... Yeah, didn't think so.

Well, if you're going to go through with the Big Baxil Jr. Collage Project no matter what I say, do you at least want some pics of the dead cat too? I think I've got some at home.


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