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Resurrecting an old meme

Thanks to malytwotails originally, and mr_silvers, whose October 2001 post I stole this from. ];=8)

The Maly Magick Survey

The basics -
Magickal Names (if any): The only two I use are the one everyone knows; and the one I won't tell you.
Specific area of magical practice: Eclectic Pagan. It's so much more efficient to know what you're doing than to have rituals to do the knowing for you.
How long have you been practicing? I met my first teacher in late 1995. Before that, it was basically random flailing around, and doesn't count.

The totems -
Do you have any totems? I'm with the shamans on this one: A totem is something that chooses _you_. Nobody's really made it _clear_ to me that I've been chosen as of yet.
Real animal totems: The only one that might even possibly be totemic is Crow. Thsoe of you who know me will immediately agree that, if this is the case, it speaks volumes about Crow's sense of irony.
Mythics: I am a dragon. In some sense, then, dragon could have been said to "choose" me. But I don't think of it that way; it's an internal rather than external force.
Do you have any familiars? Not in that sense of the word. Three spirits live with me full-time and help me keep my house in order, though.
Own any images/statues IRL of your totems? Strictly, no. Lots of dragon stuff though.

The gods -
Any hierarchy you particularly like? Among Earth gods, none really stand out. I find a certain beauty in the Greek mythos ... but, sheesh, those fellas were like a bunch of third-graders stuck on a deserted isle. No restraint at all.
Name one god/goddess who you particularly like, and why: Coyote. There's something very Zen about him. He's not exactly the best role model, but it's hard to deny the lesson he teaches.

The other stuff -
Solo practicioner or groups? Solo.
Favorite implements/tools: There are only two items that really have any meaning for me: a talisman I received as a gift from Mum; and my staff.
Do you own any ritual clothing? What kind? I can't really fathom the idea. Well, no, check that. If I lived in warmer climates I'd love a nice, good-quality loincloth. I'm not sure I can explain the significance of that in a paragraph or less.
Do you believe in using magick in a negative fashion? I believe one should not keep enemies. I also believe one should not go about making them. 'Bad' magic has its place: self-defense, as a last resort, and should never be approached halfheartedly.
Do you hate "them?" (the Christians): Wish that certain of them would read their own damn books and learn a little about tolerance, yes. Hate? Only the ones actively repressing me. *looks around* Don't see any here; I think they're safe.
Name the most magickal place you've ever been: Mountaintops. Ritual supply stores. Many churches. Old ruins. Las Vegas, but not in a good way.
Is there any area of magick you'd like to learn more about? I could use a refresher course in dreamwalking; Thea's my big resource on that for now. I'd love to know a little about herbalism and/or crystals so that I had some simple remedies to prescribe my non-magically-active friends when they have to deal with spiritual matters intruding into their lives; eclecticism is powerful but the learning curve is steep.
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