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Still have to clean up those rabbit holes in the yard

Good morning, everyone! I just thought I'd wedge in a quick post in between breakfast and heading off to work. I'm actually in a pretty good mood, because today's the day I set the viruses to activate in the computers of all the jerks who have been hassling me with extraordinarily stupid computer questions. "Why are there only two mouse buttons?" "Where's my command line?" Hmph. You'd think they'd never seen Windows before.

It's been a great day for other reasons, too, actually. Why, already kadyg and I have been out to eat our daily McDonald's breakfast; I leeched a few minutes of restaurant bandwidth while we were polishing off our tasty, nutritious meals only to find that my site made the front page of SA! About twenty members of the Good Squad had already sent me letters of congratulations, so I took a few minutes to hit the Something Awesome forums and bask in the effusive camaraderie of appreciative total strangers.

Even kadyg did have to admit that, yes, I do in fact have the most comprehensive and compulsively updated philately pages on the Web. So I guess I win that little side bet we had going. I know you've been resisting letting me adopt some cats because it might upset the iguanas, hon, but clear out some space for that new litterbox. :)

I shouldn't stay here too long typing up this entry, because the sooner I can get in to work, the sooner I can leave and start preparing for the Omaha County GOP leadership meeting. I don't mind the extra work -- I know it's for a good cause -- but I really wish they could have found someone else to be treasurer; I'd do much better as secretary or media liaison or something. I mean, just because I've got a Computer Science degree from the prestigious Gene Ray University doesn't mean that I'm a nerd or anything. I'm no good with numbers. I just know how to do my job well. Computers are easy once you understand how to tell them what you want to do.

Unlike my younger son Jonas. I'm starting to reach my wits' end with that boy. I just found out on Monday that the money I've been giving him for haircuts for the last two months has been getting spent on books instead! The little brat is sneaking down to Borders on his school lunch break! And his hair is growing out almost to his shoulders! Honestly, I don't know which one is worse. I've already spanked him three times this week simply for not finishing everything on his plate at dinner, and I'm afraid that if I were to suitably punish him for his rebelliousness I might be crossing some sort of line into child abuse.

At least Ezekiel made starting lineup on the football team again. I only wish his younger brother could better follow his example. Zeke's been through all four divorces and still knows not to give me any back sass; how can Joney be so troubled after only two? Maybe he's running across a few too many creepy lunatics on the Internet ...?
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