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It was a dark and ... dark night

As Lox and I pulled into the driveway, the neighborhood's lights flickered and died.

Kras came walking out of the house with a flashlight as we unloaded in the dark. "Did you hit a power pole?" he teased.

The lights came back to life one by one. "Guess not," we agreed --

-- And then winked out again, just a few seconds later. "This time," Lox pointed out, "you know it wasn't us."

We went inside to discover that PG&E was dealing with three separate outages in the area. ETA for power restoration would be in about two to four hours. So we all shrugged and sat down to wait in the dark.

But! Thanks to the wonders of a few Uninterruptible Power Supplies on our house servers; a laptop with battery power; and DSL service running over the (still working) phone lines -- I am able to post to Livejournal in the middle of a power outage! Ah, the wonders of modern technology!

Edit: No, I'm not -- the house server gave up the ghost a few seconds before I was going to hit "Post", so I'm not online any more. But my computer's still on for a while; I can still type this up in the dark. And now, we're going out to dinner, and I'll post it when we come back and the lights come on.

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