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Random thought

I was pondering this morning ...

Out of all the ways that humanity has found to deface its civilization, out of all the random property damage that's been caused turning urban areas into war zones, amid all the broken windows and graffiti-streaked bridges and sticker-adorned stop signs and torn-down road markers ... I can't recall ever having seen a shot-out or torn-down traffic light.

It can't be that this has never occurred to anyone. Can it? Are we so thoroughly embedded in the car culture, so dependent on our vehicles, that a vandal would no more think of shooting out a traffic light or painting over the center stripe than they would of sabotaging their own front porch steps? Or are we so embedded in our car culture that a malfunctioning stoplight is seen by the Powers That Be as a critical repair, and thus they're fixed so quickly (barring something like a riot) that the illusion of permanence is maintained?

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