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My name is Baxil, and I approve this meme

Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't
  1. Won first place in a competition held nationwide.
  2. Been on a sports team that only scored its first point five games into the season (and, boy, did we celebrate afterward).
  3. Submitted a correction to a crossword puzzle magazine. (Hey, I was an egotistical little brat at the age of eight.)
  4. Woken up on a hospital operating table.
  5. Loosed my bowels on a hospital operating table.
  6. Turned down chances for autographs from Madeleine L'Engle and Neil Gaiman -- and instead gotten to chat with them at some small length.
  7. Been knocked unconscious in a broad-daylight assault by a total stranger.
  8. Undergone the closest thing to a genuine adulthood rite of passage that's widely available in American society. (30 days in the wilderness the summer I turned 18.)
  9. Had one of my website's features pointed to by a (print) gaming magazine. Or so I'm told.
  10. Experienced a first kiss that now is known solely as the "Ambulance Incident."

And, some extra bonus items (meme variation stolen from lysana), since I'm sure some of you are going to immediately demonstrate I am not a unique and beautiful snowflake:

  1. Been rescued by a total stranger named Lizard.
  2. Had an Eric Blumrich quote wrongly attributed to me.
  3. Enthusiastically reported for jury dury, was seated on a jury, heard a case, and would do it again.
  4. Been invited by my boss to get stoned while working.

(Incidentally, I'm deliberately excluding magical experiences from this list -- while within the spirit of the meme, they both decreased the challenge of finding unique items and made the results look unnecessarily weird.)

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