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Spreading the meme

Borrowed from ssthisto, who nicked it from elynne, who grabbed it from targaff, who swiped the idea from sioneva, who is the first person of the four to not directly be on my friends list, and who stole the idea from someone she forgets:


Okay, never mind. Apparently I am the only "Tad Ramspott" on the Web.

See, the idea is to do a Google search on your name, then report on the various things that "you" have done. For example, if I were some other, hypothetical Tad Ramspott, I would be able to compile a list that looked much like the following:

I am an Open Directory Project editor.
I contribute to Libertarian publications.
I helped build Choose Your Own Carl.
I write sonnets about draconity.
I give money to the Buckminster Fuller Institute.
My name is hurtling through space.
I have written a basic primer on magic.

The problem is, I -- the person typing this -- actually have done all of those things, so they don't count.

However, if there are any other Tad Ramspotts out there in this world, they're sure going to be surprised at the notoriety I'm bringing their name.

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