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Waste of talent

I would like to think that, in some alternate universe, the kid who drew this Flash animation [possibly NSFW due to violence] made a few friends, developed some healthy interests (or at least a few more coping mechanisms), and grew up to be a critically acclaimed animator. Instead of, y'know, ending his life at age 16 in an orgy of destruction and shattering dozens of lives before pulling the trigger on himself.

I apologize if this is morbid -- but if you examine the video completely free of its context and content, there was some real promise in that short. The drawing style is "crude," yes, but it doesn't take Dilbert or South Park to prove that top-notch art isn't required for great animation. What I do see is an attention to detail so rarely observed in online toons, an eye for construction and pacing that convinces me he really could have made something of himself.

If he'd survived.

Best wishes to not only his victims but also Jeff Weise in wherever we go after death.

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