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Dear queenofstripes: Please immediately erase this post and all associated links from the face of the Internet before kadyg can read it and buy me one as a birthday present.

Please additionally activate the Orbital MIT Destruction Ray before their researchers can give any of my bright engineer friends ideas. Also, would appreciate an opportunity to catch up on your research notes for a way to send neural purge rays via fiber optic cable and/or wireless broadband.

You know that any idea with even the possibility of being able to get me out of bed in under two hours in the morning is categorized as an Eta-Level Infohazard. Because you're one of the PHLF's top propagandists, I'll overlook the fact that your obviously private transmission slipped out onto an insufficiently classified filter, but as secrecy is key to our agenda, Further Deviations Will Be Punished.

Perhaps even without the psychotropic tapioca butterflydroids this time.

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