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An appeal for charity

Alright, here's the situation: I need to borrow an (amateur or professional) electrician. One that lives in or near Seattle.

I am, or should say was, the proud owner of a Duo Dock for my Powerbook Duo 2300. A "Duo Dock" is a mounting unit for the laptop that turns it into a desktop unit; it also includes all of the bells and whistles that the laptop itself doesn't. Little trivial things like, oh, an Ethernet port so that I can upload files from my laptop to other computers or the Internet. (As the Duo does not have any removable-media drives, nor any SCSI port to plug an external hard drive into, this is somewhat critical if I plan on using the computer for anything of consequence.)

The Duo Dock, a month or two ago, died. I tried fiddling around with it myself, figuring it might just be some part getting jammed; to no avail. I finally looked up the problem on the 'net and discovered that my problem was so common it has acquired a name -- the tick of death. (Alternate link: here.) In short, a capacitor in the power supply goes wonky (the ticking it it improperly charging) and the dock can't get power.

Partwise, this is a $1.50 fix, and well-documented on both of the pages linked to above. However, it requires several things I do not possess:

  • A soldering iron and hopefully a desoldering tool;
  • A Torx T10 screwdriver;
  • the expertise to open up a computer's power supply and mess around with the voltage-containing thingies inside without causing oneself to thereby perish in a way completely unworthy of a $1.50 repair.

Also, before anyone asks: The Duo Dock is such a rare item these days (the problem is common among Duo Dock owners, a rare breed) that if I were going to buy a new power supply I might as well just toss the computer and start over. Random price check: $85, which is more than the Dock cost me in the first place.

So. Is anyone in Seattle willing to have me owe them a favor and/or take them out to dinner, in exchange for getting my poor beleaguered laptop back online and making me a happy dragon?

If so, my thanks in advance.

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