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Meet the new "Journey the News-Dragon"!

Sorry I've been so quiet, but it's been an interesting few weeks. Back in mid-March, the publisher discovered my Livejournal via his daughter zdeschanel's FOAF page. (Small world ...) Shortly thereafter, I got called into his office. Seems he saw the Wall Street Journal's Weekend Journal section with the article on furries right around the time of last Anthrocon.

We kind of danced around that for a while. (One of those "Not that there's anything WRONG with that .. but are you one of those people who, ahem, you know?" deals.) I think I somehow managed to convince him I'm not some sort of sexual deviant, although I guess I didn't really correct his misimpression that I'm a fursuiter, because I've now been thrust into the role of the paper's new mascot.

Yep. The Journal is going kid-friendly with "Journey the News-Dragon." He looks kind of like the "Pete's Dragon" guy, except with a big fedora, (plush) camera and bag of "press passes" and reporter's notebooks with our logo that he hands out.

Just last night I made my first appearance at the Little League opener of the Journal-sponsored team. I have to say I was kind of nervous that I'd screw up, but it turns out that -- except for the buckets of sweat -- fursuiting is easier than it looks.

And of course our paper covered the event -- we're running an article Sunday on it. I swiped some pictures from work ...

April fool's. ;)

However, I do have actual, non-fake news from the work front. And now that I've suckered you in here you have to read it. Nyeah.

  • First of all, kadyg -- who got fired about a month ago -- has now gotten immediately snatched up as web editor by the paper of the next town over. Yay Kady! This means we're now working for direct competitors while living under one roof, but that's really nobody's fault but the Journal's for being too short-sighted to hang on to her.

    Meanwhile, the office seems a lot emptier without her around. Although apparently there's at least one reporter in the newsroom who only just found out today that she was fired. He's kind of sore about it, too; he never got to say goodbye. Everyone here liked her.

  • I never thought it could happen ... but my coworker James ran me out of taco sauce.

    Time was, back when I still commuted to work, I stopped at the Taco Bell drive-thru on a regular basis to grab a snack on my way in to the office. I threw my extra taco sauce packets into the second drawer of my desk. I had a pretty huge stash going for a while there. But I haven't eaten any Mexican fast food in well over a month, he keeps stealing the taco sauce for his ramen (or whatever it is he eats over there when I'm not looking), and somehow the drawer is now completely empty.

    Well, as of today, not completely, because he just refilled it with a bunch of hot sauce packets from Taco Del Sol that he picked up from gods know where. (Possibly Taco Del Sol, but he may have just stolen them from a friend. The ways of James are not mine to discern.)

  • And I have a new desk beautification project to work on.

    When kadyg and I hit Target on Monday to pick up some essentials, they had their usual after-Easter fire sale. We (which is to say, I) bought about six metric tons of heavily discounted candy, which should feed my sweet tooth at least until Halloween, and nicely fill that spare room in the back of the house. (I exaggerate, of course. We'll leave room for the cats back there.) But we also bought a giant blue Peep basket.

    Incredibly, I'm having trouble finding a link to an image thereof. But picture a Peep -- the fluorescent marshmallow candy thing -- the size of a soccer ball, made of plush, hollowed out in the middle and with a handle tacked on.

    So ... my big project is going to be finding a flower pot that fits into this basket. Then I can plant some herbs and get a Chia Peep growing.

    Pictures will follow. Real ones.


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