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May 26th, 2005
02:16 pm
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Jesus fish
One last pre-Baycon post, even though I should be working on the first issue of the newsletter now:

Our missing feesh is back.

Our neon tetra population has see-sawed ever since we introduced them to the tank. We first bought four; a day later, one completely vanished, so we bought another four and two of those died. (Total: 5) We at first thought there might be some neon tetra disease going around, but went to another feesh store and found out that it wasn't, and bought another four to keep the school size up. (Total: 9) There was another one wrapped around the pump shortly afterward; and then there was one swimming upside down in spirals who we eventually had to euthanize. (Total: 7)

Seven tetras. We've counted. I've gotten in the habit of checking every time we feed them just to make sure no more vanish.

Last night, there were 8 neon tetras in the tank.

The eighth tetra is still here this morning.

If he can spontaneously heal our remaining feesh of ich disease before we dump the treatment in, expect the distribution of little feeshy bibles and feeshy Chick tracts.

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Date:May 27th, 2005 02:41 am (UTC)
ROFL! Ok... I swear I'll get a hold of myself soonish... :)
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Date:May 27th, 2005 05:25 am (UTC)

OK, I have to tell the story now

The Immortal Tetra

My parents had a fish tank whilst I was a wee little bairn. And in that tank were lots of fish. There were big fish (well, bigger than the others), and little fish. The littlest of them all was a neon tetra.

And so my parents became tired of their fishtank -- it was taking up valuable floor space in the living room, and valuable maintenance time since most of its plumbing/filtration system was a concoction of my father. So they decided that they would not add any more fishies. They would be fed as long as they lived. As they died, they would take them out. But no more new fish would be added.

And so many months passed, and eventually, there was one lonely neon tetra in the tank. That little bugger would disappear for months, and when my parents thought it was finally safe to take the tank down, he would reappear. He pulled this trick for the next nine years.

That's right -- nine years. At which point my brother put in his fishtank, and took over responsibility for the tetra. So he put it in his tank, and my parents got rid of theirs. The tetra seemed happier (well, happy as a confined fish can be) with his new friends. He lived for another two years, before he finally had to visit the big fishbowl in the sky via the big white telephone.
Date:May 28th, 2005 01:26 am (UTC)

Entirely off-topic (although the thought of feeshy Chick tracts makes me *very* happy)

Hi. I've just friended you on eredien's suggestion. I'm trying to meet Otherkin because I'm a psychology graduate student and I'm hoping to do my dissertation (in three years) on doing psychotherapy with Otherkin which is supportive and actually helpful. (More details in my journal). Are you all right with me friending you?
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